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Prologue of ICONS First Release ‘True Nature of the Higgs Mechanism’

June 26, 2010

Many current scientific breakthroughs are based on the premise that there is a ready-made, fixed or pre-ordained method in nature. However, there is no ready-made method or fixed space-time pattern neither in nature, nor in human mind. Everything is eternally moving. Only one who realizes the conclusion-free flow of nature will achieve the true excellence of the conclusion-free state of the mind. This excellence flowers only when the mind is free from patterns and behaviors based on fixed space-time.
When one realizes that all is in continual motion rather than in a fixed space-time, new scientific, religious and humanistic breakthroughs are made possible. The space-time is in a continual state of motion and cannot remain in the state of rest. From the beginning of the human civilization, it is the space-time that has designed all forms of negative as well as positive developments and ideas in the society. When a person realizes the inner links and depths of this flow, all relativistic streams of past, present and future will be revealed to him or her. To understand the basics of this never-ending process, one should know the underlying driving forces of nature, working from the minute sub-atomic realm to the vast cosmos and how the same forces operate in the subtler realms of the ‘Mind’ as well.
Universe is in never ending motion and moment-to-moment the space-time changes its form. All changes of form result, not from a fixed space-time universe, but from never-ending moment-to-moment space-time continuity that is the universe. So, adhering to fixed space-time will block our intelligence and throw all of us into the orthodox zone of fixed premises resulting in false conclusions about nature and ourselves. Only when mind sees the flow of nature, as a never-ending moment-to-moment space-time continuity, it will be liberated from orthodoxy to discover itself. Whenever the human mind or nature witness inner energy crunch it will cross the threshold of chaos and will emerge in the form of a dynamic force or an idea in correspondence with the particular space-time.
In the entire universe, the invisible energy is driving the visible energy. The visible energy is only an effect, not the cause. The cause is the invisible energy and is governed by a law of equilibrium.
Science is an exploration from the visible manifestation to the invisible cause. There is no end to this scientific journey. Unfortunately, most of us are slaves of the known and it is the known that is preventing us from mastering the unknown. So, for the time being, please forget who you are and what you know and come out from the finite zone of the known. Let us enter the unknown together to comprehend the True Nature of the Higgs Mechanism.

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