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About me

One of my spiritual friends, Swami Sai Sambath wrote author’s bio and foreword to my book NUCLEUS OF THE ABSOLUTE as below. It will give you general picture about me:

Nucleus of the Absolute is the outcome of a forty-year quest to unravel the marvels of nature through keen observation and reflection. Most significant foundation of that quest has been an unflinching faith that “nature unfailingly guides the seekers of truth”. Second significant conviction that has guided the exploration has been that “the space-time motion governs the advent of the ideas and their influence”.

Such a voyage of experimentation and invention is dependent on the evolution of the seeker of truth. This is so because he/she is the experimenter and the subject of the experiment at the same time. The simultaneous refinement of the experiment and the experimenter is the responsibility of the experimenter. Nature contributes by abetting the refinement process and releases the ideas when the space-time is ripe.

Chandrakanth Natekar from India has been relentlessly pursuing to fulfil his role as an experimenter for four decades. It has been an evolutionary process of transition and transformation. During his adolescence and early youth, included periods of counter dependence and identity crystallization, Natekar voyaged through an intense period of social concern and engagement in the social movement. It was period of action and refection in camaraderie.

As his social concern was replaced first by global concern and then by universal concern his journey became lonesome. In the soliloquy and his austere engagement with the self most comrades parted. Some remained silent witnesses. The avowed atheist was shaken by a series of spiritual experiences unleashed by nature. An unswerving commitment to be non-conclusive and an unfaltering faith in the ways and means of nature helped him from becoming reactive and stagnant, going astray, or getting fragmented. As the experimenter weathered the storm that shook the roots of the previously held beliefs and worldviews, the nature began releasing the radiant beams of unification and integration.

In his journey he has broken the conventional moulds of an atheist, rationalist, spiritualist and that of the orthodox science. He has resisted temptations to become a “religious Guru” and has declined invitations to form a cult of his own and the like. Conforming to such moulds would have assured him position of enormous power, prestige and affluence. He has declined the lure from both the material and spiritual and has chosen to lead a life of penury in the service of the universal impulse.

Initially the ideas of unification and integration that dawned on him spanned the expanse of the religious, the scientific, the social, the economic and the spiritual domains of human endeavour. Almost concurrently he realised the continuing link amongst the salient inventions and revelations of humankind since the era of Sage Vyasa and Lord Krishna.

This realisation of spatial unity and temporal continuity led the experimenter further to delve into the present state of the space-time and its future movements. The result has been a gift from the nature to the humanity: Nucleus of the Absolute.

NUCLEUS OF THE ABSOLUTE is a compassionate offering of nature, gifted through the author, to prepare us for the impending turmoil of transition and transformation. When we approach this book with sincerity and openness, it offer the requisite vigour to the reader to liberate his/her creative faculties from the age-old hegemony of organised religions, dogmas of selfishness, euro-centric and capital-centric economics, and aristocratic and elitist power-knowledge continuum. It paves the way from the stressful world of human stratification to the tranquil world of natural abundance.

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